Here is a list of premature ejaculation themed sites and articles and information that you may find useful. If you know of any other good sites or articled regarding premature ejaculation or methods to last longer in bed please let us know.

Yahoo premature ejaculation directory

Yahoo’s directory for premature ejaculation sites products and treatments.

Beyond Delay

A leading program showing men how to treat and cure premature ejaculation naturally by learning 7 skill sets. Mike Anderson goes into quite a bit of detail on each of the skills his program teaches so it’s well worth checking out even if you don’t intend to purchase his book.

Womans health On Premature Ejaculation

Issues regarding premature ejaculation from a woman’s perspective.

Lasting Longer

An impartial site looking at what premature ejaculation actually is and ways for guys to last longer in bed

Complete Ejaculation Control

Aaron Parker’s site for his system on treating premature ejaculation using a large range of both mental and physical techniques. This is probably the be best guide out there for preventing premature ejaculation.

Disorders of Orgasm and Ejaculation in Men – University of Hawaii

A pdf document discussion ejaculation disorders from The University of Hawaii

Beat PE

A premature ejaculation treatment program by Ty Somers that has been extremely popular due to it’s ease of use and effectiveness at helping men understand the ejaculatory process and last longer in bed.

Last Longer In Bed For Men

A popular blog devoted to helping men learn how to last longer in bed through natural methods and exercises