Is Premature Ejaculation Normal?
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Is Premature Ejaculation Normal?

While many have attempted to define premature ejaculation and theorized about why it occurs for various men, an interesting concept is an idea that premature ejaculation is in fact a natural state and it’s the guys who take longer to ejaculate are actually abnormal. I can’t say I subscribe to this myself but it does raise some interesting points.

What Is A Normal Time For A Man To Last During Sex?

With the amount of difficulty, researchers have had simply to create a standard definition of premature ejaculation, it’s interesting to examine the concept of what is normal or natural and what is not. Of course, normality is a fickle idea and not universal between cultures or times.

How Much Do Genes Cause Premature Ejaculation?

I was reminded of this point a few days ago while reading a summary of the 5 main premature ejaculation causes over at James Robinson’s site.  One of his 5 main causes of PE are Genes, where he goes on to say:

Let’s start with the obvious (which is often overlooked)… Genes. As much as you may want to enjoy sex for much longer, as far as your body is concerned, sex is all about reproduction… it’s the way it’s programmed. All it cares about is passing your genes to the next generation, and it will attempt to do this as efficiently as it can, by making you ejaculate as soon as possible.

It’s hard to argue with the logic there. If you prescribe to the theory of evolution and Darwinism it’s hard to see how being a premature ejaculatior could be any disadvantage when it comes to sowing the seeds of the next generation. This would have been especially true in the very early days of human existence when we were living in caves and lacked a large degree of shelter from the elements and hungry predators.

Survival Of The Quickest

I can tell you right now that I’d be pretty happy to get the job over and done with quick smart if there happened to be a group of Saber Tooth Tigers like the guy below lurking in the shadows and I don’t think my lovely cavewoman partner would be complaining too much either.

This guy could really kill the mood

Of course, times are much different now. We have the security of four walls and a roof surrounding us and you would have to be extremely unlucky to be eaten by a wild animal during intercourse so the expectations have changed.

It’s Now Beneficial To Last Longer During Sex

All of a sudden it’s beneficial for guys to be able to take a lot longer. At the back of our minds, we recognize that we will now be rewarded for a longer performance by perhaps receiving more sex or other benefits such as being allowed an extra half hour at the pub on a Friday night.

It is often noted that in modern times our surroundings, society, and culture are now changing at such a rate that human evolution has no chance of keeping up. Could premature ejaculation be an example of this phenomenon?

All Men Can Train Themselves To Last Longer In Bed

Men’s sex coach, premature ejaculation specialist, and Author of Beat PE Ty Somers point out that while this is true in many cases, guys with premature ejaculation don’t have to be stuck with it.

He says that it’s also natural for humans to be unable to swim, yet that doesn’t mean they can’t be easily taught. Ty says it’s no different for guys when it comes to ejaculatory control.

Many don’t naturally have the skills and innate bodily understanding to be able to maintain the sort of control required during sex, but the good news he says is that with the right coaching learning ejaculatory control is no more difficult to learn how to swim. In other words, basically, any guy can do it.


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