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Ejaculation Coach Review – Why It’s The Best PE Program

There are plenty of books floating around online that claim to treat premature ejaculation. While some of these books and downloadable PDFs contain some useful information for guys looking to last longer, many are lacking. They tend to give some tips and suggestions but fail to give the type of in-depth training and instruction that you would get with a personal sex coach specializing in premature ejaculation.

Mitch Hawkins wants to change that and has just released his online training course. It’s called Ejaculation Coach. I have reviewed it and it represents the next generation of premature ejaculation treatments.

A Personal  Premature Ejaculation Coach

Premature Ejaculation professionals have long been aware of the high level of success men have been getting after completing personal training with a sex coach. The problem is however that there are very few coaches who specialize in premature ejaculation and are up to date with the latest research and training methods.

If you do manage to book personal training the bill will quickly run up and end up costing $1000 and up.

Many men who can’t last in bed are also very reluctant to talk about their problems with their partners let alone a stranger so most guys with premature ejaculation do absolutely nothing about it.

That’s why I think the Ejaculation Coach course is going to be so popular.

What’s In The Ejaculation Coach Course?

The Ejaculation Coach Premature Ejaculation Training book

I’ve taken a look at the course and the thing which stands out is how easy the modules are to follow. You can see how Mitch has taken what he has learned from treating his personal clients and applied it all to the course.

he’ll also at some extra pointers to some of the exercises and techniques to make sure you don’t make any of the common mistakes.

The course covers a lot of stuff with modules covering the following

  • An introduction to what premature really is and how to fix it
  • A list of causes
  • How to breathe correctly
  • Visualization and how to use it to avoid anxiety and stress
  • Emergency tactics – These are awesome!
  • Sexual techniques
  • Edging training techniques
  • Ejaculatory reflex reduction strategies
  • How to talk to your partner – if you have one
  • How to achieve a state of flow during sex
  • Controlling core muscles during sex
  • Stimulation training
  • The right way to do Kegels

Like I said. There’s a lot in it, and the strategies are a lot more hands-on than we’ve seen in premature ejaculation books

Mitch explains the way all the techniques listed above in his extensive how to last longer in bed guide at his site, which is well worth a read, even if you don’t intend to sign up for the course – Plus there’s a really cool picture of a kangaroo.

Who Is The Ejaculation Coach Best  For?

The program does involve a lot of personal training over the 4-week duration and will require at least 3 30 minutes training sessions a week during this period. For guys that lack the discipline to commit to this, it’s probably not recommended.

Most guys won’t have a problem with this and I think many will actually ramp up the training and so much more. After all, when compared to a lifetime of premature ejaculation and substandard sex it’s not much at all.

I think that most guys will actually enjoy the training though.

A lot of it is building up muscles memory to control muscles in areas that you’re not used to controlling. This means that the first few times you try exercises it will require some concentration and persistence, but after this, it will get much easier.

Where To Download The Ejaculation Coach?

Get it at the official site.

When I just checked there’s a discount on and you can buy the full Ejaculation Coach program for just $49. With the hours and hours of extra sex, you’ll be enjoying it’s probably of the best purchases you ever make.

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