Ways To Last Longer In Bed That Work

You be amazed at how many ways to last longer in bed there are

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time recently researching premature ejaculation treatments and how to last longer in bed online and I have noticed that there seems to be predominantly two kinds of information floating around and to put it bluntly – Most of it isn’t very helpful at all.

There’s two kinds of advice

It’s either over medical where they talk about guys with premature ejaculation as though they have some sort of disease that needs intensive treatment and counseling. While on the other hand you have the sort of advice you’ve probably seen before on a B-grade college flick. The problem is that most guys who are first releasing they have a problem with their lasting ability are going to believe a lot of these things they read online.

premature ejaculation myths

Mens coach and Author of Last Longer Now, Adam Davey has written a great article here where he goes over 3 common premature ejaculation myths and does a pretty good job of debunking them. It seems like a lot of this advice is coming from a misunderstanding of the basics of the male ejaculatory system and how it operates. Many incorrect advice seems to come from the perception that the process of ejaculation begins in the pelvic region, where as anyone you has spent any amount of time working with guys wanting to last longer would know that the precess starts a long way before that.

Think about her

Another area were bad advice is created is from men who see ejaculation during sex as being isolated to your partner and your interaction with her.  Knowing how to handle the extra stimulation of the woman you are having intercourse with cannot be achieved unless you view the changes within you ejaculatory region within the context of sex as a whole. This kind of advice always seems to treat the woman’s satisfaction and enjoyment as secondary of importance and is destined to lead to fulfilling and inadequate sexual encounters.

Methods that work

Last Longer Now – By Adam Davey

So now that you know what doesn’t work to help you last longer in bed it’s time to look at what does. The good news is that there are quite a few ways to help you improve you lasting time when done correctly. Over the coming weeks I’ll be going through the list below and discussing each in a bit more detail. I should also note that all of these methods have been referenced from Adam Davey’s book on preventing premature ejaculation. It’s call Last Longer Now and is by far the best guide going around on premature ejaculation. If you haven’t already you can grab a copy at his site Here’s the list in point form, and remember I’ll be looking at each in more detail shortly.

  • Breathing methods
  • Meditation to relax mind and muscles
  • Mental control techniques
  • How to “Get in the zone” during sex
  • Sensual awareness and why it is much better than the distraction method
  • Recognizing arousal levels and knowing how to react
  • Ejaculatory reflex control
  • Cool down and emergency tricks and techniques
  • Sexual positions and recognizing when to use which
  • Sexual techniques variation and how to use it
  • Methods to relax the core muscles before tension reaches the ejaculatory areas
  • How to talk to your partner
  • Arousal exercises
  • Endurance exercises

As you can see there really are a whole lot of ways to last longer in bed and what’s great is that they will all work together which means that the more you learn the longer you will last. That’s all for today, but don’t forget to check back soon where I will be looking at each of these skills in more detail.


Is Premature Ejaculation Normal?

Could premature ejaculation be normal?

While many have attempted to define premature ejaculation and theorized about why it occurs for various men, an interesting concept is the idea that premature ejaculation is in fact a natural state and it’s the guys who take longer to ejaculate are actually abnormal. I can’t say I subscribe to this myself but it does raise some interesting points.

With the amount of difficulty researches have had simply to create a standard definition of premature ejaculation it’s interesting to examine the concept of what is normal or natural and what is not. Of course normality is a fickle idea and not universal between cultures or times.

I was reminded of this point a few days ago while reading a summary of the 5 main premature ejaculation causes over at James Robinson’s site.  One of his 5 main causes of PE are Genes, where he goes on to say:

Let’s start with the obvious (which is often overlooked)… Genes. As much as you may want to enjoy sex for much longer, as far as your body is concerned, sex is all about reproduction… it’s the way it’s programmed. All it cares about is passing your genes to the next generation, and it will attempt to do this as efficiently as it can, by making you ejaculate as soon as possible.

It’s hard to argue with the logic there. If you prescribe to the theory of evolution and Darwinism it’s hard to see how being a premature ejaculatior could be any disadvantage when it comes to sowing the seeds of the next generation. This would have been especially true in the very early days of human existence when we were living in caves and lacked a large degree of shelter from the elements and hungry predators. I can tell you right now that I’d be pretty happy to get the job over and done with quick smart if there happened to be a group of Saber Tooth Tigers like the guy below lurking in the shadows and I don’t think my lovely cave woman would be complaining too much either.

This guy could really kill the mood

Of course times are much different now. We have the security of four walls and a roof surrounding us and you would have to be extremely unlucky to be eaten by a wild animal during intercourse so the expectations have changed. All of a sudden it’s beneficial for guys to be able to take a lot longer. At the back of our minds we recognize that we will now be rewarded for a longer performance by perhaps receiving more sex or other benefits such as being allowed an extra half our at the pub on a Friday night.

It is often noted that in modern times our surroundings, society and culture are now changing at such a rate that human evolution has no chance of keeping up. Could premature ejaculation be an example of this phenomenon. Men’s sex coach, premature ejaculation specialist and Author of Beat PE Ty Somers points out that while this is true in many cases, guys with premature ejaculation don’t have to be stuck with it.

He says that it’s also natural for humans to be unable to swim, yet that doesn’t mean they can’t be easily taught. Ty says it’s no different for guys when it comes to ejaculatory control. Many don’t naturally have the skills and innate bodily understanding to be able to maintain the sort of control required during sex, but the good news he says is that with the right coaching learning ejaculatory control is no more difficult to learning how to swim. In other words, basically any guy can do it.




Hi. I’m Andy and welcome to my site. This is the first post for my new blog so I’ll start off by telling you a little about myself and what I hope to cover in my blog.

Premature ejaculation is becoming a very widespread problem, so the goal of the site is to take a look at the best ways to learn how to last longer in bed and prevent premature ejaculation. When I used to suffer from premature ejaculation I was surprised at how difficult it was to find good quality information online.

That’s why I have put together this blog and will be posting regularly to bring you some great trick and ideas to last longer in bed plus a range of unbiased  product and premature ejaculation program reviews. Make sure to check back soon.

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